100 days of animation just for fun

Need an excuse to animate just for fun? Try a 100 day project! I have done daily creative projects a few times before. A daily project doesn't have to be public to be successful. I used this structure to privately finish my MFA thesis and after 67 days of working a little each day, I was done! I have also done it a couple of times publicly before this. Once with endangered species illustrations and once with procedural animation using Processing. All of these were created in a short amount of time, usually after working all day on client work. I shared one each day on Instagram, for accountability. I also shared weekly compilations on LinkedIn and Twitter. All of these were created in my tool of choice, After Effects. For many of these I created expression rigs. This enabled me to spend the extra time on days when I had it to build complex rigs. On days when time was short, I could tweak variables to create something new and fun with existing expression rigs.

100 Days of Daily Animation
This is a big file, give it a sec to load please. :-)


For this project, I selected a single large palette that could serve as a base for the entire set of animated experiments. This kept things looking somewhat cohesive, despite a wide variety of different graphics.